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Conference Topics

  1. Media Systems and Implementations
    • Computational model and application
    • High performance computing systems
    • Cloud and big data processing
    • Data mining and business intelligence
    • Solution for media security
    • Multimedia services and technology

  2. Multi-signal Processing and Applications
    • Circuits and systems for signal processing
    • Mixed signal applications and services
    • Signal security and integrity
    • Information extracting and processing
    • Bioinformatics and Biomedical services

  3. Digital Arts and Media
    • Digital content for digital economy
    • Geometry and modeling
    • Animation, rendering and simulation
    • Interactive environment
    • Social agent in computer graphics
  4. Media and Medium Engineering
    • Internet of things
    • Mobile and smart devices
    • Communication technology
    • Multi-information network
    • Multi-medium communication

  1. Digital Economy for sustainable growth
    • Smart applications and services
    • Integrated tourism solutions
    • Agricultural Technology for developing countries

  2. Geoinformatics
    • Remote sensing and GIS applications
    • WMS, WFS, WPS
    • Mobile GIS

  3. Knowledge Management and Learning Organization
    • Knowledge management tools and techniques
    • Knowledge representation techniques to semantic modelling
    • Knowledge management in organizations
    • Emerging technology in education
    • Technology-enhanced learning initiatives and practices

  4. (Special Session) Artificial Intelligence for Digital Multimedia Technologies in Creative Economy
    • Artificial Intelligence & Multimedia Technologies in digital multimedia technologies
    • Multimedia IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Systems and Services
    • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business

Special Session

  1. Artificial Intelligence for Digital Multimedia Technologies in Creative Economy (AiDMT)

  2. AniAge Project: Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage

  3. Multimedia Technology - Music Engineering and Mutimedia Technology